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Glow mask

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Turmeric skin benefits are endless, but a few important ones are that it discourages hair growth, lightens and brightens the skin, and that it has antibacterial, antiinflamatory and antiseptic properties (think acne!). We add orange peel and orange essential oil that will also help lighten and tone the skin. Ginseng is a good blood detoxifier that can improve blood circulation. These three combined with raw honey, result in a brighter and glowing complexion. 

Ingredients: turmeric, orange peel, ginseng powder, raw honey and orange essential oil.

Mix one and a half teaspoon with one teaspoon of the ingredient of your choice (raw honey, greek yogurt, aloe vera gel, or just plain water). Spread all over your face and neck using a brush, a stick, or your fingers if you don't mind a little staining (turmeric may temporarily stain your hands). Remove it with a warm wet washcloth, using a circular motion, and rinse with warm water until the water runs clear (and your face is no longer yellow!). Enjoy the glow!!!

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